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I sort of dropped the blogging thing because a) I’d dropped Camp NaNoWriMo, b) I had dropped the whole movie review idea, and c) I realized that one day behind on blogging about TdF meant that I had no way of really catching up.

Having said that, I did finish Tour de Fleece with results!

Tour de Fleece Results

I’m going to ask you all to use your imaginations and picture that pink yarn done and chain-plied, if you can, as it was by the end of that day.

79 yards of the multi-colored
115 yards of the pink
300 yards of the blue and pink

I’m really excited about this because I learned a LOT this Tour, and I have a launching point for any future endeavors.  I know that I can get a good-quality result, and love the process *and* the result.  I really can’t wait to keep going and get more fiber, once I can afford it.

Something I began a short while ago was an Etsy store!  Mainely Kool Fibers features yarns (and eventually fiber) dyed exclusively with Kool-Aid and other foodsafe materials.  I actually hope that custom orders becomes my primary selling point.  I want to be able to provide products that match what others have in mind.  I really do hope that others find these yarns as beautiful as I do.

Examples of my handdyed can be found here.

Other than that, I’ve been working on a few projects here and there.  I finished a shawl that’s going to be a birthday gift for a friend, started a very complicated lace scarf, finished one out of two lace wrist-warmers, and picked up a Roman-style tunic I had cast-on for early in the summer, but which has been sitting in the bottom of my drawers for a month or two now.  I also restarted a Hufflepuff bag I’d begun about two years ago, and promptly forgot about, and it’s over half done now.

The weather is finally getting comfortable again (mid-high 70’s all week!) as it does in August, which means I’ll be able to theoretically do more, especially around the house.

On that note, Mom and I, with the help of my Uncle Jack, painted the walls in the stairwell, which I think looks fantastic, and I really can’t wait to get more wallpaper off the walls and put up some paint.

And already, my mind is on packing for going back to school (for the last time!) and I really don’t know whether to rush it or want to put it off forever.  But I definitely want to see my Tessa, and all my other friends whom I haven’t seen in ages.

And as always, I’m a huge nerd and want classes!

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